Corporate Identity

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US Lacrosse Corporate Identity

Prior to 2013, US Lacrosse hadn't nailed down a solid visual presence that defined the organization as a whole. The appearance of a design piece varied from department to department with an assortment of program logos, colors, fonts, etc. It was therefore important to create a strong, cohesive overall look that could be incorporated into any kind of visual communication distributed by the company.

US Lacrosse’s current corporate identity, in place for precisely four years now, has clearly defined graphics, colors, fonts and program logos. This has helped define the organization’s philosophy and continues to make the brand more easily identifiable across all platforms.

A Closer Look

Pictured below: the US Lacrosse welcome brochure which introduces vistors to the facility, USL's Youth Rulebooks for players 8U to 14U, Retail ads whose photoshoots I directed and retouched, and the athlete development brochure.

welcome brochure youth rulebooks
retail ads ladm brochure