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Three Little Birds Design

Three Little Birds Design, as you may have figured out by now, is my very own small design business. It's named after my "three little birds" - my boys, who have to listen to me serenade them with Bob Marley's song since they were born. At the core of the business is my invitation shop, which runs through Etsy - a global marketplace for unique and creative goods. In addition to all the actual invitation and party templates, I also created the branding (illustrating the birds myself), as well as all shop graphics and banners. Since opening in June 2015, my shop, which consists of over 450 templates, has more than 4,500 sales and has achieved a 5 star rating from customers (just read some of the customer reviews!)

More of the Three Little Birds Design shop

While there are over 450 templates to choose from in my shop, here are a couple of my favorite packages and all-time best-sellers that I'd like to share with you!

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seashell bridal shark birthday
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