US Lacrosse Headquarters

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US Lacrosse Headquarters

In May of 2016, US Lacrosse moved into their brand new corporate headquarters in Sparks, Maryland. A new building, of course, was a blank canvas. As art director of the organization, I was entrusted with not only designing what would go on the walls, but deciding what type of décor it should be.

This project took me out of my comfort zone with months of planning. It began with taking photos of our space prior to move in, continued with researching interior building design (which was a totally new realm of design) and bidding out the job, and then moved on to digitally imposing my ideas onto the wall space to present to the organization’s CEO before execution. We also worked under a tight budget and a short timeframe as the completion date was set for Grand Opening weekend (in September).

Shown above: One of the most important areas of the US Lacrosse Headquarters is the tunnel exiting the locker rooms onto the field. Each side of the tunnel contains a mural of Team USA players against a 3-dimensional flag background with subtle hints of USA landmarks faded into one another along the bottom from coast to coast.

A Closer Look

USA tunnel USA tunnel

Team USA Locker Rooms

Though used by over a hundred other teams, the US Lacrosse locker rooms were designed special for Team USA. Each locker room is gender-neutral and mirrors the opposite, containing big wrap-around flag murals as you walk in the doors, as well as quotes from some of lacrosse's greats and a mural dedicated to Team USA honors.

USA locker rooms USA locker rooms
USA locker rooms USA locker rooms

entrance display

Main Entrance Display

When entering the US Lacrosse headquarters, one of the first things you see is the Team USA display in the lobby. It acknowledges all the years each team has won the world championships and highlights the national teams' newest gear.

Second Floor Collage

Stretching the full width of the wall when arriving on the second floor is a giant photo collage showcasing all that US Lacrosse stands for. This piece took a lot of careful planning and involves 3 layers of ceramic photos arranged so that they overlap one another without losing any important part of the photo. They're finished with brushed aluminium hardware to match the large "USL" and "USA" brushed aluminium signage on each perpendicular wall.

mural collage
US Lacrosse mural collage US Lacrosse mural collage