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Hello, I'm Heather.

Designer, Painter, Self-Teacher, Multi-tasker, Proud Wife, Fierce Mama Bear, Snow Worshiper, Fruit Junkie, IPA Aficionado, French Onion Soup Fanatic, Animal Rights Defender and Organization Enthusiast

Art. It’s been the biggest constant in my life for as long as I can remember. I used to lay in front of the TV, sketching Saturday morning Looney Tunes and every Disney character you could think of. I’d look up art contests in the local Sunday paper and submit entries every week (the “egg” of the week was my favorite). When I was little, I’d draw all day and night if you let me – a talent and passion that I inherited from my dad.

As I grew up a bit, I graduated from drawing and sketching to painting. I found a love for acrylics and created huge murals on the walls of my high school and in the homes of friends and family. (Thanks for the practice, guys).

I never outgrew my love for art, and it eventually led me to graphic design in college, which opened up a whole new world. The mix of art and technology totally captivated me and I finally found my true niche (…aside from oil painting, but that’s another story.)

Fast-forward 12 years to today, where I’m the art director for US Lacrosse - a non-profit sports organization on the outskirts of Baltimore. Here, I’m responsible for leading the concept, design and production of visual collateral within the organization - from print materials to social marketing, to our national magazine that's mailed to 400,000 members on a near-monthly basis.

As an ambitious busy bee, I like to have my hands in a lot of projects. The bulk of my non-corporate time is spent running Three Little Birds Design – my very own small business specializing in invitations for every occasion – and doing freelance and pro-bono work as it arises. The volunteer work that I do is for local animal rescues and shelters - a huge passion of mine - and I’m honored to lend a hand when I can.

I also revel in teaching myself new things, with my greatest feat being HTML and CSS. It’s pretty amazing what you can learn from books and Google, and I pride myself on my ability to pick things up and face a challenge head-on. (Yup, you’re looking at my amateur skills as you read.)

One might wonder where my motivation and energy comes from, and it’s pretty simple. With three toddler boys, I'm always on my toes! When I’m not consumed by my Mac, you can find me chasing after my little dragons or enjoying a good IPA with my hubby by a bonfire with our pup. I also like to serenade my boys with (yup, you guessed it) Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds.


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